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Ducklet for SQLite

The fast, native SQLite database editor for macOS.

Powerful SQL editor, detailed database schema insight, comprehensive database statistics.

Ducklet makes using SQLite databases easy for everyone, whether you're a developer, data analyst, or just curious. We've designed a user-friendly interface for a smooth and intuitive experience, so you can focus on your data.
Local data
With a local application, your data remains on your own device, ensuring maximum privacy and control. You do not have to worry about entrusting your sensitive information to a third-party cloud service.
Native Experience
Experience unmatched performance and seamless integration with our native application written in SwiftUI and AppKit.
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One-time purchase, no subscription fees.

You can buy Ducklet for SQLite from the Mac App Store. For new major versions with significant value-add, we will discontinue the current version and release a new product version you are free to purchase, if you value the additional features and changes. We expect to release a new major version every 12 to 18 months. The version you purchased will continue to work but won't receive any new updates.

See our FAQ for more purchasing related information

Ducklet for SQLite


Purchase from the Mac App Store