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Download Free Trial

You can download a free trial version of Ducklet that is valid for 14 days. After the trial period, the app won't start and you will need to purchase a license for Ducklet via the Mac App Store.

If the disk image fails to open on macos Sonoma, the knowledge base article offers a workaround.

Purchase Ducklet

If you decide to purchase Ducklet after your Trial (which we appreciate very much ♥️), please use the Mac App Store.

Verify the integrity of the downloaded file

How can I verify the integrity of the Ducklet Trial download?

For the following instructions, adjust the path (i.e. ~/Downloads/Ducklet-Trial.dmg) accordingly if you have moved the downloaded file somewhere else.

Check signature

After downloading the Ducklet Trial Disk image (.dmg) you can run the following command in your Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/ to verify the downloaded file:

Check that the file is properly signed:

codesign --verify --verbose ~/Downloads/Ducklet-Trial.dmg

This should print:

Ducklet-Trial.dmg: valid on disk 
Ducklet-Trial.dmg: satisfies its Designated Requirement

Additionally you can check that the .dmg file was signed by us (Team ID 87M687XQ63):

codesign --display -vvv ~/Downloads/Ducklet-Trial.dmg

This should return amongst other things the following information:

Authority=Developer ID Application: ohoj Software GmbH (87M687XQ63) 
Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority
Authority=Apple Root CA

The file should include the above signing information to indicate that the downloaded file is valid and has not been tampered with in transit.

File checksum

codesign will fail if the file is corrupted or has been tampered with so there is no need to check the checksum again. But you might want to quickly check the downloaded file on a system that does not have codesign available. The following instructions therefore describe how to genereate and verify a SHA 512 checksum.

/usr/bin/shasum -a 512 ~/Downloads/Ducklet-Trial.dmg

This should match the following checksum (available here: /files/checksum.txt):

cc907148054f41325c295d75f696a4f5ab6cfc02001fe9af6d895ba30c4389fac5a5858f27b6d25e0d1b9b587941bfee1b9c1edf1198dc5e67b84b79a580b520  Ducklet-Trial.dmg

Alternatively you can download the checksum.txt (place it next to the Ducklet-Trial.dmg file) and run:

cd ~/Downloads 
curl -OL
/usr/bin/shasum -a 512 -c checksum.txt

# ✅ This should print:
Ducklet-Trial.dmg: OK

# ❌ If the file is corrupted this will print:
Ducklet-Trial.dmg: FAILED
shasum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match