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Frequently asked questions

How can I try out Ducklet for SQLite?

You can download Ducklet directly from us as a full-featured evaluation version that you can try out for 14 days. If you decide to purchase the app, you can get if from the Mac App Store.

How can I purchase Ducklet?

Ducklet will be availble from the Mac App Store as a one-time purchase option. We don't offer any other ways of purchasing at the moment.

What happens if there is a new major release?

If we have a new major release with new features and a significant value-add, we will discontinue the current version of Ducklet for SQLite and release the next version as a new product in the Mac App Store. You would have to purchase this new product version if you want the new features, but you don't have to, as the version you have already purchased continues to work. Note that we will not offer any updates for that version and the product might break in subsequent upgrades of the macOS operation system.

What about a perpetual license and upgrade pricing?

We would love to offer this, but at the moment, this is not supported in the Mac App Store.

Is this Mac only?

Yes. One major goal is a great native experience. Speed, performance and seamless integration are key and cross-plattform frameworks are not the way to build a great experience on any platform.

Will there be a version for Linux, FreeBSD, Windows...?

Unlikely, but possible.

Why another SQLite client?

There are other SQLite clients out there. But they don't tick all the boxes and we believe we can build a superior experience. You may be the judge of that.

Will Ducklet support other DBMS?

Ducklet is not supposed to be a generic database management system (DBMS) client. We want to provide an expert solution tailored towards a particular database. We may add support for a very small number of databases, but only if we don't have to compromise on the user experience for SQLite.